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  • Are you concerned about your child being online every day?
  • Are you working from home using a wireless device?
  • Do you know about the health effects of wireless radiation?

Radiation from cell phones, WiFi, BlueTooth, FitBit, cordless phones, smart appliances and cell towers is everywhere.

What can you do to help keep yourself and your children safer?

Solutions are simpler than you think!

We at Safe Tech Hawaii partnered with international nonprofit Wireless Education (WE) to bring their solution-packed mini-course to Hawaii households FREE of charge, but only until July 31, 2023!

In the 30-minute course you’ll learn:

  • What radiation is and how it may be harming you
  • Guidelines on how to make your devices safer
  • How to spot the signs of ElectroSensitivity (ES)
  • Tips and tricks to reduce your household exposure levels by at least 80%
We appreciate the generosity of WE in helping us offer this course for FREE to Hawaii residents, but hurry! Deadline soon! The offer ENDS on July 31,2023.