Important Websites for More Info

Antenna Search to find towers/antennas near you

5G Map showing 5G towers/antennas

The Environmental Health Trust - EMF science and policy

Detailed Appeal to the UN to Stop 5G

Comprehensive Compilation of EMF Research

Americans for Responsible Technology - Science and advocacy

Physicians for Responsible Technology - Research on EMF health effects

New Hampshire Report on Environmental & Health Effects of 5G



SafeG - Fiber Optics to the Premises

Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics`

Video Resources

Former President of MicroSoft Canada, Frank Clegg, who has nothing to gain by opposing his own industry, has now dedicated his life to warning people about the dangers of wireless radiation, especially 5G.

Maui County Public Health Official, Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD, speaking as a private citizen, discusses the health risks of 5G technology

Meteorologists sound the alarm: 5G can interfere with weather forecast satellites, ABC News

5G issues: Health, government, satellites, action steps for Hawaii, Debra Greene, PhD

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