Low-EMF Intelligent Router

We are concerned about towers and antennas, yet the biggest EMF exposure is usually in our own home. I recently measured a Spectrum router in a friend's house that was emitting more radiation than some towers I have tested!

The solution is a low-emission router. There are very few on the market and the best one we know of is the JRS Eco-Wireless. They offer several models and our favorite is the JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus.

It has a wifi on/off button, and when the wifi is on it is low-emission, meaning, it emits much less wireless radiation than typical routers. Many routers are extremely over-built, emitting radiation far into your neighbors homes when that is completely unnecessary. It's overkill (no pun intended!).

Also, this router is INTELLIGENT in that when the wifi is not being actively used it turns itself off. And if you begin to interact with wifi, it turns itself back on again. Owning this router means you take it with you if you move so you can be EMF safer for the rest of your life. Invest in your health... 

Please use our affiliate link to learn more and order yours now:  https://www.jrseco.com?c=3917